Two Paintings will be included in “1st Annual Connect the Gorge,” The Dalles Art Center.

The two adjacent paintings have been selected for a show at The Dalles Art Center. The show, titled “1st annual Connect The Gorge,” is located at 220 E. 4th St. in The Dalles. While The Gorge need not be the subject, my two pieces do take it as the subject. The opening reception is Friday, September 2, 5-7pm. and the show closes on October 1st.

Painting with Cold Wax, TBD

In this workshop you will play with cold wax. This painting medium is very forgiving and allows for all sorts of mark making and collage using all sorts of materials. While cold wax can be used as a glaze over acrylic, charcoal, chalk pastel, and gauche, it was developed for use with oil and alkyd-based paints. We’ll use oil sticks and powdered pigments – which gives paint its color – and possibly oil pastels. You can apply it to boards, canvas, or paper. You’ll create at least one picture during the workshop. Materials will be provided. If you have collage elements you’d like to work with, bring them too. Keeping a “green” studio, and one that is safe, is important to me. Cold wax has virtually no odor. Oil sticks and oil pastels give off little to no odor. As for the powdered pigments, we’ll stay away from cadmiums and cobalt’s. Gloves and a product called barrier cream, which I use regularly, will be available if preferred. Old t-shirts and rags will replace paper towels. We’ll primarily use baby oil to clean our tools. We may need to use a little Gamsol, made by Gamblin in Portland, a solvent, but one that’s not absorbed through the skin, and one that has all but 0.005% aromatics distilled out, and has no odor that I can detect. The cold wax, some paints, and other materials will be provided. If you have collage elements you’d like to work with, bring them too. This workshop will be on Saturday, September 24th, 9-1.

sea stack I

One-Day Color and Composition Workshop – TBD

Have you wanted to have a better understanding of how to use color in a composition? Have you wanted to use color more creatively? Or maybe to just strengthen your understanding of color? We’ll review warm and cool colors; dark and light ones; and also explore how Modernists use color to create movement in a work of art. These aspects of color apply equally to the various painting media be it acrylic, gouache, oil, pastels, powdered pigments, printing ink, and watercolor. We will work with gouache, which is fast drying. All materials provided with registration.


  • 2018, One day workshop, Intro to Encaustic Painting.
  • 2010, Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy, through Blue Mountain Community College (BMCC).
  • 2010, Introduction to Non-Toxic Printmaking through BMCC.



  • 2022, INTERSTATE biennial at the Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Central Washington University, juried by Faith Brower, Haub Curator of Western Art, Tacoma Art Museum
  • 2018, Curator of “West Travels East,” Josephy Center for Arts and Culture.
  • 2018, Group encaustic show, Josephy Center for Arts and Culture, Joseph, OR
  • 2010, Quick Draw Invitational, Joseph, OR
  • 2010, 1st Place painting, Wallowa County Arts Festival
  • 2007, 2nd Place painting, Wallowa Valley Arts Festival
  • 2007, “The Men’s Show” @ The 100th Monkey Studio
  • 2007, New Paintings,” Urban Grind
  • 2006, “Etchings from Nature,” The Tea Zone and Urban Grind
  • 2006, Village of Willamette Art Festival
  • 2006, Mayor’s Choice Award, Gresham Art Advisory Council Art Show
  • 2006, Behind the Shoji, Portland Japanese Garden
  • 2006, Honorable Mention, painting, Wallowa Valley Arts Festival, 2006
  • 2005, 2nd Place, painting, Wallowa Valley Arts Festival
  • 2005, 2nd Place, printmaking, Wallowa Valley Arts
  • 2005, Group Show, Chinese Calligraphy, Streff Gallery, Marylhurst University
  • 2005, Group Show, Chinese Calligraphy, Shenzhen Fine Arts Institute, Shenzhen China


“What I see in this piece is a way to observe all the chaos in the world (e.g. threat of nuclear war; wildfires all across the west; extreme drought in much of the west and southwest), breathe deeply, and let our anguish remain in the frame. I’ll be returning to this frequently when my courage fails me.” Jan B.
“I’d recommend his workshop because Bob is a great listener. You are going to get individual attention. Seeing him work, I believe he has found a dynamic balance between expression and technique. Lastly, he has a great sense of humor. “ Felix V., Printmaker, St. Louis, MO.
“One monoprint on Bob’s press, and under his excellent tutelage I was off and running from figuration toward the more serendipitous and playful forms I’ve been looking for!   Cheers to Bob Procter for an excellent workshop.”  Bob F., Painter , Enterprise, OR
“Bob’s approach to art is brazen and intelligent. He is unconcerned with flourish or likeness, but with directness and depth of feeling. To do this requires letting go of inhibition, letting go of self. You just do and keep your mind present. Where’d he get that? Not art school.” Jef G., Painter and Art School Faculty, Portland, OR.
“I thoroughly enjoyed Bob’s workshop.  While I do calligraphy, Bob introduced me to being more present with my body and my calligraphy.  He’s both a good teacher and a good calligrapher.“ Larry C., Zen Teacher, Zen Community of Portland, Portland, OR.